Lowell Financial

Creating the UK’s first company dedicated to financial health.

Lowell is a financial company that works with customers, to help them find the best way to manage their debt. I worked alongside a design director and a UX designer to help shape the new identity and its experience.

The challenge

Transform touching business, brand and experience that shifted them from a debt management company that focussed solely on negative financial behaviours to one that focussed on positive behaviours. Help them build trust at scale.

The Approach

We designed two routes: 1. Path to progress - line guides customers to help along their process. 2. Illustrating stories - friendly illustration helps to give customers direction on what to do next. We tested the designs with 10 participants, it gave us interesting insights and to help developing further.

The Solution

In just 12 weeks, we were able to re-orientate them around a powerful purpose, new identity and powerful digital experience. We turned a stressful and serious brand into an accessible and approachable brand. We delivered a playbook which includes strategy, brand system, marketing and digital toolkit.