Born Free

Nature's Closing Down Sale

The Challenge

The Born Free Foundation is an international wildlife charity that campaigns to "Keep Wildlife in the Wild". Wild animal populations worldwide have declined by nearly 70% in just 50 years. Create a campaign urging people to adopt an endangered animal while they still can timed to coincide with Black Friday.

The Approach

We wanted to highlight that people can save more than money in the sale season, by adopting an animal with Born Free. The intrinsic urgency of sales advertising felt like the perfect way to highlight the desperate state of the world’s wildlife.

The Solution

Led design working closely with the creative team. Charity posters often make us depressed and not to want to look at. I wanted to create the visual that playful and fun whilst sending serious message to audience. We created 9 posters of endangered animals, campaign web pages and a digital pop-up Instagram shop enabling users to click through one of a dozen campaign-related posts to pay directly to adopt an animal.